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Digital Transformation

Leveraging iSMAAC technologies to go digital

We partner with you to take full advantage of digital technologies - IOT, Social, Mobile, Analytics, AI and Cloud (iSMAAC), and transform your business processes, customer touch-points and find new models or values.

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Our DATE2X Approach

Digital Transformation redefines your business.
Our DATEX approach ensures that every aspect of business digitized with a purpose to create a connected organization.


Our digital transformation service leverage a wide spectrum of digital technologies to help companies to accelerate their journey to digital excellence.

Digital Strategy

Defining Transformation

We help businesses to identify the digital gap and devise transformational strategies based on usage pattern of all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

- Business Model
- Structure
- People
- Process
- IT Capacity
- Offerings
- Engagement

Experience DX

Connected Customers.

We offer customer experience and engagement and help businesses to achieve connected customers goal.

- Customer Experience Design
- OMNI Channels Design
- Customer Journey Design
- Customer Analytics
- Digital Marketing

Operation DX

Connected Operations.

We optimize your value chain operations and help businesses to achieve connected operations goal.

- BPM Process Digitalization
- Digital Collaboration
- Digital Operations Insights

Products DX

Connected Offerings

We ensure that your products and services are intelligently connected to serve the digital age customers.

- Finding Values New Models
- Enabling Digital experience
- Enabling Ai/ML
- Applying Transformations

Digital Enablement Technologies

Expert influencing of clients on digital transformation journeys through full stack technologies - with smarter processes & enhanced customer experience leading to a connected organization


Enabling Ai/ML to your Business

Machine Learning Service
Machine learning of any data, Building models, Training Models, Training 2 Prediction

Text Analysis
NLTK based Text Analysis, Syntax Analysis, Entity Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Multi-Language

Image Analysis
Understanding the content of an image, Image Attributes, Dicing/Slicing, Compression, OCR, Label/Logo/Landmark Detection, Explicit Content Detection

Video Analysis
Insight from Videos, Video Search, Label Detection, Shot Change Detection, Shot Attributes

Speech Recognition
Convert Audio to Text, Automatic Speech Recognition, Streaming Recognition, Explicit Content Detection


BPM based Process Digitalizations

Process Modeling
BPMN, CMMN and DMN based process modeling

Process Digitalization
Dynamic Forms, Business Rules Engine, Workflow, Tasks, Alerts, Enabling mobility in process automations (AdminConsole, CockPits, Visualizers, Tasks/Approvals Queues)

Process Monitoring
Process Cockpits, Process Administrations, Process Inspections

Process Insights
Process Reports, Dashboards, Alerts, Process Operations and Usages

Ai/ML Enablement
Injecting Ai/ML to business processes - Text, Image, Video, Audio Analysis


Big Data Flow, Collection, Analytics, Visualization

Data Flow
Realtime, batch and stream data processing using Spark, Pub/Sub asynchronous messaging

Data Storage
Cloud Storage, Data Ingestion, Big Query

Data Processing
Structured and Unstructed Data in (Text, Image, Video, Audio) Formats, Data Preparation (Modeling, Metatags, Indexing), Hadoop and Spark based Data processing

Data Analytics
Hadoop and Spark based Data processing and Analytics

Data Visualization
Data Exploration, D3 based chart visualization, Tableau, Qlikview Integrations


Cloud Enablement and Migrations

Cloud Enabling
Enabling Cloud using Google, Amazon, Azure providers

Cloud Infrastructure
Computing (VMs, Containers, AppEngines), Storage (Cloud store, RDMS, NoSQL), Network(VPC, LoadBalancing, CDNs, DNS)

Cloud Architecture
Compute Engines, Container Engine, Container based Micro Services, Cloud based Ai/ML, Big Data services, Serverless architecture

Cloud Monitoring
OpenStack based Cloud Management and Monitoring


Mobile Enablement and Experience

Mobile Apps
Android, iOS(Swift) based Native Apps, (Ionic, AngularJs, ReactJs) Hybrid Apps

Mobile Responsiveness
Mobile Responsive User Interfaces, Progressive Web Apps, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Mobile Experience
Integration with Voice Assistance, Augmented Reality, Vision API, Android-Auto, CarPlay Kits, WellnessKit, HomeKit

Mobile Connectivity
Integration with Beacons, NFC Devices, Wearables, TV and Things

Mobile Payments
Integration with Google and Apple Pay

Mobile Analytics
Crash Reporting, Performance Monitoring, Remote Configurations


Integration with Connected Things

Device Connectivity
Creating connections to manage and optimize your things

Device Data Ingestion/Pipelines
Getting live streaming data from sensors

Customer Success Stories

Digital Transformations done by SEAANT


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