SEAANT | An Agile Digital Transformation Company
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An Agile Digital Transformation Company.

We have been a trusted technology partner for many product companies and business enterprises.

ValueByDesign is our DNA.

Designing Digital Ideas

We just follow our passion of bringing ideas to life. That keeps us in the space of innovation - to be on top of new technologies - to build our design quotient - to be engaged with pathfinders.


It differentiates us from the rest. Our approach is always robust towards design, creation and operation.

- ValueByDesign
- Agile Methodology
- 5D Approach on Product Engg
- Date2X for Digital Txn

Tech Expertise

This is our stronghold. Technology is our passion and continuous updating on new tech-trends is our culture.

- Open Source enthusiasts
- AI/Machine Learning
- Data Analytics
- Mobile, Cloud & IOT


Integrity is forever and we value it. We believe, business is nothing but building long-lasting relationships.

- 50 Product Engineers
- Able Leadership
- Eminent Board of Advisors
- Enthusiastic Partners

Desired Results

We put the customer at the centre of everything we do. Designing exactly what they need is the best value that we deliver.

- 20 Product roll-outs
- 10 digital Tx projects
- Global Product Companies
- Reputed business enterprises


People behind SEAANT.

Prem Ponniah
Prem Ponniah

Co-Founder and Chief Technologist

Prem is Co-Founder and Chief Technologist of SEAANT. Prem is passionate in product innovation and engineering.

He is a believer of achieving simple solutions, however complex the business problems and technologies are. He has over 18 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. He is an open source enthusiast - practices and contributes the open source technologies world. He had worked in the US at IBM, Bell Atlantic, GTE and Verizon. He has an engineering degree in Electronics and Instrumentation.

KP Senthil Kumar
KP Senthil Kumar

Co-Founder and Director (Business Development)

Senthil is Co-Founder and Director of Business Development of SEAANT. He has over 20 years of business and working experience.

He is an exceptional relationship builder and has vast network of connections in the business circle globally. Earlier, he was co-founder and chief consultant of RECS Group, a leading real estate consulting firm in south India. He was Business Journalist for 9 years with The Economic Times, the number one financial daily in India. He has a masters degree in Finance & Control.

Rajeev Rege
Rajeev Rege

Head of European Operations

Rajeev has over 25 years experience in a range of IT Business leadership roles globally. His primary interests cover market and proposition development, Solution Planning and implementation using Blockchain, Analytics, IoT & Mobility technologies.

He was the European geo head for a Systems Integrator responsible for top & bottom line, alliances and customer satisfaction, where sales grew by 60% over 3 years. He also led the Large Deals team at a large SI, closing multi-tower Outsourcing and Digital Transformation deals. He has implemented and managed Enterprise transformation programmes with ERP, Analytics, Mobility and eCommerce technologies, focussing on optimal return and minimising business disruption.

Rajeev now leads the European Operations for Sea Ant to bring their expertise and capabilities to the market in Europe.