AI Enablement

Turn your data into AI-powered smarter products

Leveraging our deep expertise in technology and product engineering, we partner with you to harness the power of your big data, transforming it into AI algorithms, models, and intelligent products. The SEAANT digital team actively collaborates with you throughout the entire AI enablement process, co-innovating to drive remarkable outcomes.

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Big Data - AI Algorithms. AI Models. Intelligent Products.

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AI Strategy

Empower enterprises with AI disruption, transforming them into AI-powered organizations. Through collaboration, we develop tailored AI strategies for your business, including:

  • Analyzing your current business model
  • Understanding your business structure and operations
  • Assessing your business culture, people, and processes
  • Identifying your AI needs
  • Implementing AI shift strategies
  • Developing AI technologies strategy
  • Creating a roadmap for your AI transformation

AI Models. Intelligent Products.

Building AI Models

We enable enterprises to leverage AI disruption and help them to convert their data into AI Algorthims, AI Models and AI-powered intelligent products. We collaborate with you to design and develop AI-powered products through the following actions:

  • Identify DataSets
  • Classify DataSets (Training/Testing)
  • Label DataSets
  • Design AI/ML Algorithms
  • Design AI Models
  • Train AI Models
  • Test AI Models
  • AI Model Prompting
  • AI Model Integrations

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