Privacy Policy

Last updated on Jun 2023

This website is managed by SEAANT. The primary objective of is to provide information about the company and its services. You can feel secured while visiting our site as our organization is committed to maintain your privacy here.

Gathering information

There are two ways to gather information about you when you are in this site. First, the information is directly collected from when come forward to fill-up any or all of the various application forms for requesting for information, services, newsletter and others. Second, information about you can be collected indirectly through our Internet access logs.

Do we use this information?

Yes. We use the information about you collected through this website to improve our services to you and build a strong and mutually beneficial relationship between us. SEAANT will not sell individual information. We may use the processed information and share it with our external advisers to improve our business.

About sensitive personal data

We do not intend to collect 'sensitive personal data' through this site. We also do not ask for personal data, particularly very sensitive in nature. However, if you have any doubts please check with us by sending an E-mail, before providing information, which you consider 'sensitive and personal' in nature.

About data security

At SEAANT we take appropriate steps to maintain the security of your data on this website. However, you should understand that the data may be accessed by people other than it is intended, and may flow over the networks without enough security measures because of open nature of world wide web. For enquiries please contact us through e-mail.