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Automation of Middle East Work Permit Visa Process

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An immigration Module to enhance a Global HR Software.

Automation Of Middle East Work Permit Visa Process
Automation Of Middle East Work Permit Visa Process

You guys have done a good job, we really liked PRO. Comprehensive process coverage along with excellent user interface, good standard dashboards and the option of configurable workflow have made the module very appealing to our customers. We are happy to have chosen you for this development and looking forward to more such opportunities to work together.

Venkatachalam Subramaniam

A Digital HR transformation company with 700+ clients in 33+ verticals across 65+ countries including Business and Channel Partners around the globe. Organizations in middle east face tough time in expat management, visa processing, coordination with ministry officials due to poor management of visa quotas, applicants and visa application processes on new, renewals and transfers. Manual process, followups and approvals, Excel based data management and tracking and no proper reports.

A web based centralized system enabled with the connectors to integrate with external HR systems which could be deployable on Premise and Cloud. The solution automates the PRO services pertaining to the New Visas, Transfers, Renewals and the Cancellations. The components are - the Quota Manager, Applicant Tracker, Visa Application Processor, Accommodation Planner, Passport Tracker, Document Storage, Dashboard, Reports, 360(degree) views and Timelines. Offers reporting mechanism to analyze quotas, applications, applicants, renewals, expiries and tool to build Task Queues and to trigger notification for the intended stakeholders to perform the tasks.

Download our case study for more details.
  • Automation of Middle East Work Permit Visa Process

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