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Uberfication of Commercial Vehicles

Product Engineering | Mobility

Mobile App on Andriod and iOS for connecting customers and truck operators.

Uberfication Of Commercial Vehicles
Uberfication Of Commercial Vehicles

Lynk is part of a large software product company in India. Lynk app is an intra-city on-demand last mile technology platform that connects customers (individuals/businesses) with trucks (logistics service providers) to efficiently move goods. Customers find it hard to find a truck when needed to move their goods, whereas the truck operators face the problem of increasing idle time. Also there are challenges in tracking the truck movement and transaction related paperwork.

Downloadable from Playstore and Appstore, the app will match and send the nearest truck driver available within 45 minutes prior to the pickup time. Customers can track their goods while trucks complete the trip and pay the suggested fare directly to the drivers. App shows in real-time the movement of the truck in a map-view, with color coded updates on successful deliveries at the trip destinations. Further the driver collects signatures and photos of delivery notes/invoices at each destination which can be seen from the app.

Lynk has been successfully launched in two cities - Chennai and Hyderabad in India.

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