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KYC Platform to Collect Customer Data in Rural Markets

Digital Transformation | Mobility

Mobile solution on Android platform for dark data acquisition.

Kyc Platform To Collect Customer Data In Rural Markets

We have built a close partnership with SEAANT – not the typical vendor customer relationship. They actively collaborate with us to develop Apps that are deployed with our field organization. These Apps have helped us to move from paper based processes to an almost 100% digital process resulting in speed, accuracy and higher information efficiency.

Mohan Eddy

A leading microfinance institution with more than 200 branches across four states in India. Knowing the customer profile in the Indian rural markets is highly challenging as they don’t readily have their own data with necessary document support. Microfinance companies have to collect each data and create records for each one of the customers. The field staff collect the data manually which often lack quality.

A mobile solution was built with digitized data collection forms to capture over 100 data points for each customer with scanning facility to capture the support document copies. This App is designed for the use, of less educated field staff by providing support local language support with intuitive user interface. Challenging internet connectivity in rural markets was managed with automatic synchronization.

Time taken for customer enrollment and collection of 100 data points has been cut to a few hours from 10 days.

Download our case study for more details.
  • KYC Platform to Collect Customer Data in Rural Markets

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