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Enhancing of UI/UX for B2B Software

UI/UX | Enterprise User Experience

Enhancing Of Ui/Ux For B2b Software

With so many easy-to-use consumer applications used by the consumers in their daily life, it makes no sense that an employee should struggle to make sense of the systems he needs to perform his job.

But most of the well-established enterprise software products are sitting on core systems built on old technologies and user interface. Their product teams are more entrenched in managing issues of existing clients and working on additional components in an unmanaged fashion, making the products fatter.

The pain points are:

  1. Screens are cluttered.
  2. Time consuming task flow.
  3. No Experience

What is the way out? Simple. Get a new skin done for your product.

Steps to improve UI/UX
Enhancing Of Ui/Ux For B2b Software
  • Remember, we are designing for an existing working product. The approach has to be screen-by-screen.
  • Removing cluttered-ness by focusing on core transaction/data for every screen and hide the others in an organised and accessible manner. There will be no interruptions. The users will be focused on a task, improving the productivity.
  • Bring on the experience part based on the time the user spends. More the time he spends on a screen, the better the experience.
Enhancing Of Ui/Ux For B2b Software
  • Use the industry standard UI / UX technologies for development.
  • Mobile, Web and Responsive technologies
  • Development should be very friendly to the service oriented architecture (SOA), Rest APIs and Web services of the product for easy integrations.

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